Last summer I noticed a casting call from La Belle Eve announcing she was visiting Manchester and looking for shoots while she was there. A few emails later and I’d arranged a short shoot in ┬áher hotel room and put my thinking hat on for ideas on how I could try and add a little flair to what can be fairly dull locations.

As it turned out the room was actually quite nice with good textures and colours on the walls and a huge window providing a wall of natural light that was softened both by the net curtains and the ever present Manchester clouds.

I thought this would be the perfect time to have a play with the prism I’d bought for creating in camera light streaks and rainbows. The technique worked really well. You hold the prism across the front of the lens and move it around until it catches the light in a pleasing manner. It also works really well for breaking the ice with ther model as they can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous you look.

Anyway here are the results, enjoy.

Model La Belle Eve